About Us

Established in 2003, Costley & Partners is committed to providing a range of first class legal services to our local community; across the Wales and Chester Circuit and beyond. The Firm strongly believes in putting our clients at the heart of everything we do, providing the highest standard of legal, advisory and advocacy representation. Costley & Partners is a multidisciplinary legal practice of highly experienced solicitors and advocates - supported by a dedicated and efficient administration team. The Firm provides legal, advisory and advocacy expertise to private and publically funded clients across a range of legal services, including criminal defence; family law; wills and probate; residential and commercial property.

Our Approach

Experience has taught us that listening to clients is vital and client care is of paramount importance.

“Our guiding philosophies have been engrained in The Firm’s DNA from the start and throughout our successful expansion. At Costley & Partners we strongly believe in going the extra mile; providing total value; and putting our client’s best interests first.” – Founder & Partner, Mr. Andrew Costley.

Costley & Partners embraces new and dynamic ways of collaborating with our clients; legal professionals; and businesses. Costley & Partners always strives to go the extra mile on behalf of clients and expand the Firm by recruiting legal professionals; business development professionals; and administration personnel who can truly offer value to The Firm and our client base.

Quality Assurance

We ensure continual improvement and adhere to non-discriminatory policies. We welcome and encourage feedback from our clients, especially in relation to performance quality; total experience; and value. At Costley & Partners we believe standing still is going backwards. At Costley & Partners our philosophy is to constantly evaluate and improve upon the quality of our service. If you wish to provide us with feedback, please visit our client feedback page.