Criminal Defence

Costley & Partners provides ‘turn-key’ criminal defence representation. From police arrest to Magistrate Court proceedings. From Crown Court to Court of Appeal proceedings. From instructing QC’s and Barristers to instructing specialist defence experts. Our expertise enables us to stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients from start to finish.

Police Station

Costley & Partners recognises that the arrest and police detention of suspects is a crucial stage in a criminal investigation. Strategy; advice; and decisions at this early stage will impact the outcome on behalf of a client and will shape the prospects of success at any later stage in proceedings. When a suspect id detained in police custody we prioritise carefully considering welfare issues; lawfulness of arrest; lawfulness of detention; disclosure; pre-interview legal advice; assistance during interview under caution; custody representations and release on bail representations.

Court Proceedings

Costley & Partners has an established history of defending cases of particular complexity; public importance; and utmost gravity. Nevertheless, The Firm appreciates that every case is important to every client. We demand of ourselves exactly the same level of commitment and will to succeed, in every single case we defend. Costley & Partners regularly defends the interests of clients in Magistrates Court; Crown Court; and the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.

QC’s & Barristers

Costley & Partners has established an exceptional network and seamless working relationships with barrister Chambers in Wales and London. If we believe a situation demands or if a client’s needs demands the instruction of Queen’s Counsel and/or a Barrister, Costley & Partners is perfectly positioned to assist. The Firm is experienced in identifying and instructing QC’s and barristers to suit the particular demands of any particular case and client.